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A community-based health care system in the Midwest

How can we reduce our in-class training time without compromising quality?

Imagine you’ve brought multiple hospital sites and dozens of practices live on Epic over the past few years. Your go-live training program was comprehensive, but not aligned with your team’s long-term resource allocation. This isn’t a unique problem for Epic organizations, and the methods for finding the right solution vary greatly. It’s important to ensure potential solutions don’t compromise the quality of your end-users’ education.

That’s why one of our partners, a community-based healthcare system offering a full range of services in southeastern Wisconsin, approached us in March 2014. They knew it was time to re-evaluate their training delivery methods and identify efficiencies for their post-live world. Many of their Instructional Designers were wearing multiple hats and were looking for an opportunity to increase the efficiency of their Epic training content in the face of an impending upgrade. Executing these initiatives with an already lean staff would be complicated. They looked to Bluetree’s trusted training experts for a remedy. 

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Our partner wanted to reduce the length of in-class, instructor-led training by 30 percent across the organization. But could they maintain their level of training delivery excellence while cutting such a significant amount of time? Their leadership team knew that their training curriculum, environment, and overall approach had not been evaluated since go-live and they felt that there were efficiencies to be gained. They also wanted to create a collective e-learning platform to share e-learning content across applications and roles.

Bluetree took the necessary time to listen and accurately assess. Our training optimization project manager began with an analysis of the existing training curriculum and environment for each application and identified opportunities for training time reduction and team mentorship.

To ensure we could demonstrate ROI for the project, we identified data points and tools to measure training time reduction and focused on evaluating each application to ensure any content adjustments met end-user needs.

Bluetree’s approach included individual and group-based education sessions to optimize curriculum, training patient design, and rebuild. Coaching sessions included everything from learning and incorporating Epic’s new Training Wheels format, to using the latest and greatest training environment build strategies and tools. 

Our partner successfully saw a 30 percent reduction in their training times through topic re-alignment, schedule analysis and redesign, and the incorporation of e-learning. In addition, the Instructional Designers were able to successfully rebuild their training environments using Epic’s newest tools.

Focusing on both mentorship and redesign, Bluetree teamed up with our partner to recognize what training time reduction can accomplish when a big, ambitious upgrade is in sight.

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A community-based health care system in the Midwest
integrated expertise
Training Strategy
  • 30% reduction in instructor-led training across all roles and applications

  • streamlined e-Learning modules into one collective platform

  • identified data points and tools to measure time reduction

  • incorporation of the latest version of Training Wheels

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