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an academic medical center

Can you help us get back on track and be the reliable partner we’ve been missing?

After four years of successfully using a majority of Epic’s clinical applications to serve its diverse patient population, a prestigious academic health system on the East Coast furthered its Epic investment by adding Epic’s Revenue Cycle Suite in 2015.

Several months into the revenue cycle implementation, the health system faced an unexpected challenge when it was forced to replace several departing and underperforming resources at a time when the project had fallen significantly behind. With just four months until go-live and a rapidly growing to-do list, their executive team sought out a partner who could provide both leadership and reliable support for the remainder of the project. The organization was familiar with Bluetree through past training collaborations and engaged us as an implementation partner the rest of the way.

We want to partner with people who start by listening and keep aligned with us to gracefully work their way on and off our teams.

Bluetree held listening sessions with our partner’s revenue cycle and IT leaders to understand the state of the project and identify specific risks and areas of need. Along with sharing their challenges, they emphasized a desire for a reliable partner to see the project to successful completion. Based on these conversations, Bluetree brought in experienced Epic project leaders as well as several analysts & trainers to support lagging areas of the project and to closely partner with the organization's own staff.

Our team would welcome some fresh support and experienced perspective as we pull together to meet our timelines and navigate these changes.

Our team worked side-by-side with them to develop and lead recovery plans for critical off-track areas, including integrated and parallel revenue cycle testing, overall conversions planning, and general operational engagement and readiness. The Bluetree team shared lessons learned from previous Epic implementations, built stronger relationships and collaboration across IT and the entire organization, and provided fresh and positive leadership to a distressed project and overstretched staff.

Our partner went from a self-assessed “red” project state 120 days pre-live to going live on time and on budget, enjoying both executive and end-user satisfaction with its launch. Numerous areas including patient wait times, charging, coding days, and candidate for bill days (CFB) exceeded baseline expectations within weeks of going live. Most significantly, the teams across the organization strengthened their culture of collaboration.

The strong partnership that developed between Bluetree and the organization throughout the revenue cycle go-live continues, as they count on multiple Bluetree revenue cycle and training experts to contribute to their teams. We have furthered our relationship by collaborating in other areas of their organization as well, including executive growth strategy and affiliate rollout project planning. We are thankful for the ongoing partnership and excited to help in their mission to provide their patient community with the excellent and affordable care they need.

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an academic medical center
integrated expertise
Executive Support Revenue Cycle Solutions Staff Augmentation
  • Successfully automated the conversion of 200,000+ appointments before go-live

  • Patient wait times returned to pre-live levels in three weeks

  • Charges for both Hospital Billing and Professional Billing exceeded baselines within a week of go-live

  • Helped partner achieve Epic top performer status in multiple revenue cycle metrics just three months after go-live

  • Our partner went from a self-assessed "red" project state 120 days pre-live to going live on time and on budget

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