tackling change head-on

A West Coast, faith-based academic institution

How can we maintain our level of operational service while undergoing large-scale change?

Moving a team to an entirely new division often means adapting to new organizational structures and processes. While sometimes chaotic and always a learning experience, it’s something that most professionals have had to endure at some point in their healthcare IT careers.

With the demand for data higher than ever, strong reporting governance is an absolute requirement for healthcare organizations. As organizations explore new models for the management and oversight of their business intelligence teams, prioritizing day-to-day reporting requests can be challenging. This is what our partner, a Level 1 trauma center and academic hospital, experienced in 2015. Already veterans with Epic but in need of additional and affordable Epic remote support during their organizational shift, our client engaged us as a strategic partner in October 2015.

We’re in an entirely new setting, and while we adapt, we could use some added help to stay up to speed in our fast-paced work environment.

Our partner had always been equipped with capable and specialized report writers, but what they lacked after moving to a new department was a global data governance model. We learned that they were equipped with the right resources and the necessary executive oversight to make this complex shift, but they were bombarded with a steady influx of new reporting tickets, update requests, and project assignments. They needed extra support in the trenches so their leadership team could nail down the new processes and workflows associated with their organizational restructuring.

Focusing on their long-term success, Bluetree provided a team of two remote report writers to complete ticket triage and build. Their reporting manager leveraged Bluetree to tackle the ticket backlog, allowing his team to focus on other high-priority projects. Free from the distraction of new reporting requests, our partner was able to alleviate the strain on their team in a time of complex change.

Not only did we need team members to get through some of our go-lives, but we wanted folks that were going to be able to operate independently.

Bluetree partnered with our client’s management and application teams to gather data and metrics based on the work our report writers were assigned. We provided executive leadership with a comprehensive document, displaying insights into the backlog workload and our process improvement initiatives.

Whether it was simply providing short-term relief, or mentoring and scaling their program for the future, Bluetree partnered with our client to ease the burden of undergoing complex change in a forward-thinking health environment.

Having provided relief and mentorship for their reporting team, Bluetree has moved on from the “just filling in” stage to being a go-to resource as our partner hires and grows new employees for the foreseeable future.

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A West Coast, faith-based academic institution
integrated expertise
Remote Solutions
  • successfully decreased a ticket backlog that held issues over a year old

  • Mentored staff to help them grow and become stronger report writers

  • gathered data and metrics and converted them into packaged and comprehensive documents for their leadership team

  • developed relationships with end-users to facilitate report build

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