retaining strong trainers in crunch time

A regional health system

A large family of not-for-profit, faith-based hospitals and clinics in the Midwest, our partner first went live with Epic in the summer of 2014, marking the beginning of a strategic investment to further strengthen its award-winning care. To orchestrate an aggressive rollout of go-lives in rapid succession, our partner recognized the importance of upfront planning and effective processes for long-term scalability.

How do we ensure that we have the robust training program we’ll need to get over 10,000 end-users trained on Epic?

Off to a good start with a successful pilot go-live, the training leaders faced an uphill climb to balance training delivery, the completion of curriculum, and large-scale people management. They sought to complement their team with an expert in training management who understood the nuanced challenges faced by Principal Trainers and Credentialed Trainers and who could develop sustainable processes for the long term.

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Bluetree was engaged in July of 2014 and we began by listening to understand their existing processes and to learn about what contributed to the team’s successful pilot. It was clear that they had a solid team in place, but we found their ability to balance training delivery, curriculum development, and the growth of their team was threatened by the size and complexity of the implementation.

We want to avoid spreading our team too thin so we retain our best trainers for the long haul.

Bluetree partnered with our client on the development of a long-term Credentialed Trainer (CT) program built on the philosophy of cross-credentialing. The CT program we developed focused on the professional growth of their existing talent and increased job satisfaction by giving trainers opportunities for advancement and the ability to work more flexibly.

Our Bluetree Training Manager worked alongside our partner to foster independence by mentoring and training their leaders on process design and onboarding methodologies. Bluetree also provided seven Principal Trainers to backfill open positions and to support existing Principal Trainers assigned to large applications.

Our Blueleaves developed a governance and reporting structure for hundreds of CTs, mentored CT managers into positions that allowed them to provide oversight and management, and partnered with PTs to create application-specific credentialing checklists to ensure onboarding consistency. Bluetree’s expertise in training and mentorship—combined with our partner’s passion, excitement, and buy-in from its leadership team—meant that a well-rounded and sustainable foundation was put in place with relative ease.

Cross-credentialing: it’s a secret to scaling strong training programs.

Investing in making sure their people were engaged and supported paid dividends: it allowed our partner to decrease costs by accomplishing more—across significantly more applications—with a smaller team. Our partner also reduced their reliance on external resources and built a high-quality, organization-wide knowledge base to ensure success in each of its installs.

The cross-credentialing process was instrumental in positioning our partner for long-term success. Over Bluetree’s eight-month engagement, 41 CTs were cross-credentialed across 10 applications and the number of completed training tracks from all of their end users exceeded 26,000. Our partner continues to exemplify what an accomplished, passionate group can accomplish when they accurately anticipate future challenges.

Bluetree’s Epic-focused cross-credentialing expertise gave our partner’s trainers a spring in their step to move past the “making it through” phase to confidently get on the front foot of their large-scale Epic rollout.

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A regional health system
integrated expertise
End-User Training Staff Augmentation
  • Onboarded and mentored new Principal Trainers across 7 applications

  • Developed a CT governance framework to support consistent, efficient processes and CT success

  • Empowered CT Managers to credential candidates using standardized checklists and criteria

  • Implemented a framework to promote strategic application coverage, cross-credentialing, and professional development

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