Our desire to make healthcare IT work better for you comes from our roots. Bluetree was founded by former Epic leaders and today our team is a 50/50 blend of experts that grew up at Epic and those with an Epic healthcare pedigree. We know the tools, process, and the challenges healthcare leaders face with managing talent, revenue cycles, and maintaining sustainable operations.
We believe in Epic as a means to improve everyday patient care and to run more effective organizations over the long haul. We create enduring confidence in your team’s ability to harness your system to help you grow. We find joy in making sense out of the complex. We’re proof that knowledge is power and we’re here to share it with you.

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We partner with healthcare organizations to make the most of Epic in a way that’s both refreshing and enduring.

Through listening we show that we put people first. We learn about your evolving challenges, then tailor our work to help you thrive personally, professionally, and organizationally.

We are equal parts learners and educators who love to solve problems and share insights. We draw from our network of experts to create the right solution for any challenge.

Our people tap into the value of team. We work shoulder-to-shoulder, coming together to do great work. We celebrate our unique strengths and the diversity of talent within our network.

We partner with you to cultivate quality, trust, and long-term success.

We set the bar high. Quality first, quality always.

our values

  • we listen to help you grow.
  • knowledge is at the root of everything we do.
  • we forge collaboration.
  • we foster independence.
  • done. better.

our origins

Our founders are Epic veterans from Madison, WI who set out to help health systems access the highest quality Epic experts, and to help those experts zero in on their ideal position. From the beginning, they were all about the win-win. They recognized that a number of their most talented peers felt the same, and thus Bluetree Network was born. Originally founded as a “match.com for independent consultants” with a goal of automating the client-expert interaction from start to finish, we soon discovered that there was real value – both to the expert and the client – in building a cohesive, collaborative team to solve health systems’ biggest challenges. Today, the platform functions as a valuable tool for quickly and effectively matching people to projects. 

We originally called ourselves a “network” because we envisioned our technology becoming a hub for information exchange and idea generation in the healthcare IT world. However, in short order it became clear that our “real life” network was where the greatest potential lay; through our strong relationships, we were able to identify exceptional talent and collaborate to bring tremendous value to our clients. To date, we've helped healthcare organizations across the country grow by solving a variety of challenges, ranging from staffing and support, to training and mentoring, to solving strategic problems. The way we work is organic, client-driven, and committed to bring clients enduring value. Some call that refreshing. To us it's the norm.

Done Better