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A Q&A with Pop Health Pundit, Kaley Penington

Kaley Penington, one of Bluetree Network’s Clinical Optimization Specialists, recently sat down with Bluetree’s Brand Ambassador & Events Coordinator, Ryan Hill, for a Q&A session on population health, its role today, and its future.

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In a Cogito state of mind

One of the biggest challenges health systems face after an Epic go-live is managing (and understanding) all of the new data available to them. While there are a host of root causes for this, one common factor is a lack of focused reporting training prior to (and after) go-live...

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iPhones, printed kidneys, and actuaries

You can’t turn on the TV without hearing about healthcare. With costs still rising (although at a slightly reduced clip), the technology landscape changing, and the ongoing debate in Washington, we’re being inundated with both good and bad information. IT is at least partially in the center of the noise, which means Bluetree Network is in the thick of it...

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Is data the key to population health success?

In a recent blog, Pavel discussed data’s critical role in negotiating risk-based contracts. Data, in all areas of health care, has become the needle in our compass. But especially with population health. Data analytics can help us understand where we are, how we got there, and how to reach our goals. As hospitals and providers are increasingly evaluated on performance and outcomes, access to data is critical...

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Q&A with Analytics Specialist, Jeremy Bakken

Jeremy Bakken, a healthcare IT professional with more than 15 years of experience, joined Bluetree's Analytics team this past June. Now, he's already in a Data Architect role at a client of ours and has some wisdom to share in this blog post.

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What data do I need before experimenting with at-risk contracts?

Value-based healthcare has been a burning topic for many organizations this year. In this post, I’ll dissect the role of analytics in shared-risk/full-risk (capitation) contracts. I’ll also show you what it takes to get the data you need to make smart business decisions while fully utilizing your Epic platform...

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