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Are you becoming a more consumer-centric organization?

You’ve all experienced, one way or another, patients demanding change in how they receive healthcare. Is that what’s happening? Or were patients always asking for healthcare services where and when it is convenient for them and you’ve just started listening and responding?

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Bluetree and the on-demand economy

When you need a lift to dinner you can order a car via the Uber app on your smartphone. When you travel to an unfamiliar destination you can stay in someone’s home or apartment using Airbnb. When you need assistance building your new couch from Ikea you can get help through Handy. These companies—which utilize technology to fulfill consumer demand through the immediate supply of labor and/or services—are all part of this fast growing “on-demand economy."

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iPhones, printed kidneys, and actuaries

You can’t turn on the TV without hearing about healthcare. With costs still rising (although at a slightly reduced clip), the technology landscape changing, and the ongoing debate in Washington, we’re being inundated with both good and bad information. IT is at least partially in the center of the noise, which means Bluetree Network is in the thick of it...

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Week 1: The five major roadblocks to clinical optimization

Optimization. It’s become one of the most dreaded buzzwords in the clinical applications arena. Hundreds of hours and seemingly endless effort can go into implementing functionality that clinicians won’t help you design, training resistant users on new workflows that they don’t want to learn, and juggling competing priorities. It might seem as though nothing gets done with the care and attention it deserves. Fortunately, we’ve been around this block before, and we’re here to help.

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Week 2: The five major roadblocks to clinical optimization

In week two, we'll discuss how to build a successful relationship between IT and operations. You might see them as demanding doctors who won’t listen to reason. They might see you as instituting unnecessary roadblocks in order to avoid doing what needs to be done...

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What data do I need before experimenting with at-risk contracts?

Value-based healthcare has been a burning topic for many organizations this year. In this post, I’ll dissect the role of analytics in shared-risk/full-risk (capitation) contracts. I’ll also show you what it takes to get the data you need to make smart business decisions while fully utilizing your Epic platform...

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