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Giving Back: A 2016 recap

2016 was a year of "new" for Bluetree Network. New service offerings, a new look and feel, new Blueleaves, and new Operations Team members. It was an exciting time.

But it was our new experiences that shaped us. Not only did these experiences impact Bluetree, but they allowed us to help shape others’ lives as well. We've always put a priority on giving back. Not because we feel like we should, but because we need to. It’s how our world keeps spinning. It’s how our communities keep improving. It’s a time to reflect on the relationships with those around us and how we will continue to make those relationships strong...

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Traveling with Tosha

After eight solid years at Epic, Tosha Kowalski decided to take a break from reality and go on an extremely long adult gap year(s) of adventure. Why? Because that’s what unmarried people in their 30's without children do...

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United Way Winners

We're winners.

Through our dedication to giving back to the community, Bluetree Network received some hardware while surrounded by an impressive crowd Tuesday afternoon at the Madison Concourse Hotel in downtown Madison, WI...

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We set the bar high

Most of you have heard the title of this post in some of Bluetree's own communications in regards to our healthcare IT expertise. 

But according to "OnRamp," a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel blog committed to offering "conversation and connections among the entrepreneurs who are shaping Wisconsin's economy," we set the bar high in more areas than one...

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