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A Q&A with Pop Health Pundit, Kaley Penington

Kaley Penington, one of Bluetree Network’s Clinical Optimization Specialists, recently sat down with Bluetree’s Brand Ambassador & Events Coordinator, Ryan Hill, for a Q&A session on population health, its role today, and its future.

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iPhones, printed kidneys, and actuaries

You can’t turn on the TV without hearing about healthcare. With costs still rising (although at a slightly reduced clip), the technology landscape changing, and the ongoing debate in Washington, we’re being inundated with both good and bad information. IT is at least partially in the center of the noise, which means Bluetree Network is in the thick of it...

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Is data the key to population health success?

In a recent blog, Pavel discussed data’s critical role in negotiating risk-based contracts. Data, in all areas of health care, has become the needle in our compass. But especially with population health. Data analytics can help us understand where we are, how we got there, and how to reach our goals. As hospitals and providers are increasingly evaluated on performance and outcomes, access to data is critical...

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Partnerships and planning key to population health success

The transformation from volume to value in healthcare is proving difficult but not impossible. With the correct team and a strong cultural will to execute, the paradigm shift can be successfully achieved by healthcare organizations. But only if they partner, collaborate, and design a persuasive operational strategy and technical roadmap to make patients the most sought denominator in population health measures.

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