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5 ways to transform ambulatory workflow

An Epic implementation has many moving parts and organizations are often breathing sighs of relief if their offices are live and above water. But there are common areas of frustration that stick around after the initial go-live that rear their confusing heads months or years after and receive little attention. Is it because certain issues are too daunting to think about? Is it because there is confusion about what the best workflow should be? Is it because the inconsistency doesn’t seem to be stopping workflow, just making it frustrating?

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6 ways to take back your medical practice

When implemented carefully, with scalability at top of mind, providers can take back their practice. Read on for my six ‘no rocket science required’ steps for taking back your medical practice.

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Anne Hyland: Building, rebuilding, and optimizing Epic training environments

The training environment is the end user’s first exposure to an organization’s Epic EHR and the workflows designed for it. If the experience is not a good one, adoption and efficiency will suffer. Your return on investment is at stake, not to mention the quality of your documentation, and ultimately, your patients’ care.

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Bluetree announces On-Demand Support model

MADISON, Wis. – Bluetree Network, a fast-growing Epic consulting and talent solutions company for healthcare providers, announced Monday a flexible, tiered pricing approach to staffing that will help clients save money. This On-Demand model enables healthcare organizations to free themselves from fixed-hour staffing contracts and allows them to pay for the work they need with little commitment.

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Don’t Feel Blue, Learning a Foreign Language is Hard

In my first years at Epic—before the Foundation System (FKA Model System)—we installed EpicCare Ambulatory under a process early adopters will fondly remember as DBV’s: Design, Build, Validate. Without having any build from which to start, we worked closely with the analysts, physicians, and other clinical providers to design workflow and content that meshed with each clinic. It was a true partnership. Of course, that sort of relationship takes a lot of time. And work. And money.

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Hospital halls, Highway 67, and freshly brewed coffee

As a child, Taryn roamed the halls of St. Vincent in Indianapolis frequently enough to navigate the hospital by herself.

In college, she mastered the stretch of Highway 67 between Bloomington, IN, and Indy. She could make that drive with her eyes closed. Taryn commuted every night to see her dad in the ICU and returned each morning in time for class.

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In a Cogito state of mind

One of the biggest challenges health systems face after an Epic go-live is managing (and understanding) all of the new data available to them. While there are a host of root causes for this, one common factor is a lack of focused reporting training prior to (and after) go-live...

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Less classroom training time doesn't have to be frightening

In-classroom training can be costly, yet most organizations still rely on this method. I’m here to tell you this Halloween season that less time in the classroom doesn’t have to be as scary as the archaic carnivore you see in the image above.

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Q&A with Director of Executive Leadership, Melissa Bruss

Melissa Bruss, a recent addition to Bluetree Network’s Executive Leadership team, sat down with Bluetree’s Brand Ambassador & Events Coordinator, Ryan Hill, for a Q&A session on what she’s excited to work on while at Bluetree.

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To everything, there is a season

To everything, there is a season.

Sound familiar? It’s true. And believe it or not, it even applies to your EHR. A time to plan, a time to deploy. A time to develop, a time to assess. Perhaps not as lyrical as the song by The Byrds, but nonetheless accurate...

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