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Three ways we sync solutions, sales, and delivery

If you’ve worked in healthcare long enough, you’ve undoubtedly experienced “swing engineering.” Fortunately for our partners, we’ve put in place a few steps to prevent this from happening in our engagements.

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1. We bring in the experts.

The most glaring problem with sales vs. delivery is that often salespeople don’t understand delivery. The reality is that the sales team are simply not involved in building your system, reforming your broken operational practices, or working side-by-side with your executive team to grease the wheels for a major upcoming initiative.

Rather, when you’re looking for help on a specific problem, you need people intimately familiar with the aspects of the work that need fixing. Likewise they should have previous experience with organizations.

At Bluetree, we’ve set up a model in which you get to talk with the people who will actually do the work first. Before we send you any suggestions about how we can work with you to resolve it, you’ll have conversations with specialists from our Revenue Cycle, Clinical, Analytics, and Training Solutions teams who do this work every day. Our Solutions Blueleaves will dig into the issues, ask the tough questions, and evaluate your roadmap based on our collective past experiences with other clients.

2. We’re not afraid to suggest something else.

It’s true that consulting firms are generally excited to maximize their opportunities. But not every firm is a fit for every project.

That’s the critical point in syncing sales vs. delivery. The key to success is not being able to change the question. It’s allowing for some leeway to come up with a creative solution that still matches your strategy for improvement. Or, we might guide you a few steps away and suggest you address another issue first to save you work and heartache on the way to reaching your goal.

3. We’ve got a team (and our sales staff have delivery background, too)

From our experience, two or more brains on a problem is almost always better than one, especially in a field as complex and in-depth as Epic.

We staff our projects in a role-based, team-centric manner – no one works in a silo. We’ve made a deliberate choice to hire people with a variety of backgrounds within Epic – and each of our team members has full access to the knowledge of other Blueleaves. When you sign on to work with Solutions, you’re not just gaining access to the expertise of one person, but a whole division of people who ultimately contribute to your success. 

So sit back and dream about how much you’ll enjoy that tire swing at the end of your engagement with Bluetree. If we’ve signed on to work together, that blueprint has been fully reviewed, vetted, and scoped by multiple Solutions specialists who have done this before and are eager to do it again – only better.

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