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Talk about a win-win-win. 

Since May, Bluetree has been participating in #TrotForTri4Schools, an initiative that benefits Blueleaves, their health, and children in our communities. All at once.

Bluetree’s Wellness and Give Committees are partnering with Tri 4 Schools, a non-profit organization in Dane County that encourages kids to be active by funding things such as exercise-based after-school programs and new playground equipment. For every Bluetree employee around the country who posts a photo of themselves with our hashtag on social media during any 5k, triathlon, or other race event, Bluetree is donating $25 in their name to Tri 4 Schools.

Our target? To raise $1,000 before September 1st. We’re making solid progress despite the late start (remember that we had snow as late as April 18th in Madison!?) and have racked up $450.

To get there, we’ve dashed across places like Boulder, CO, biked through the state of Kentucky, and crossed the finish line in cities like Lake Mills, WI and Salt Lake City, UT.

Managed Services Specialist, Steven LaRue, at the Wisconsin Triterium Triathlon in Verona, WI

Kelly Haut of Oregon, WI tackled the IronMan 70.3 Wisconsin earlier this month, three Blueleaves (Sara Collins, Jacob Sinex, and Karly Segal) have already donated $50, one Blueleaf (Erin Billstrom) has participated in three races (including the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN), while one marathoner (Steven LaRue) has already racked up four(!) races this season, including the Twilight 10k in Madison, WI and the Wisconsin Triterium Triathlon in Verona, WI.

Client Service Coordinator, Erin Billstrom, at the Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN

Buckle up (or lace ‘em up if you’re ambitious) and help us spread the word about this initiative so as many kids as possible get the resources they need to stay active.

Happy Racing!

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