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a world-class academic health care system

We could use some next-level Epic expertise to complete our upgrade, but how do we engage the necessary resources without breaking the bank?

It’s time for another upgrade, the highly-integrated process that you’ll experience on a regular basis after investing in Epic. It can be a challenging workload for your team, especially if you’re focused on other initiatives.

You might be confident in your team’s ability, but concerned about whether your team has the bandwidth to prepare for your upgrade while still owning regular maintenance and optimization responsibilities. You see the value in bringing in outside resources who can help with the heavy lifting and provide upgrade-specific expertise, but might be worried about the cost of traditional consulting. You also want to avoid the all-too-common staff augmentation scenario where contractors never really integrate with your own team.

It was around this moment when one of our partners—a world-class organization that strives to transform medicine and health locally and globally through research, education, and practice—engaged Bluetree. Our extensive Epic and upgrade-specific expertise—combined with our affordable, remote team approach—sounded like the perfect fit.

We can pull this off internally, but why not bring in additional experts who have done this before and can ensure we’re maximizing our Epic investment?

Our partner decided to upgrade to Epic’s latest version in the summer of 2016. Due to multiple projects and competing priorities, their in-house team was stretched to fully complete the work that upgrades require. Already top Epic performers with a reputation for excellence, they sought a partner that could not only supplement their staff, but truly become an extension of their team. The “get in, get out” mentality wasn’t going to cut it for them in such a critical and comprehensive project.

We want more than traditional consultants. We need someone to be a part of our team who can own tasks and provide mentorship that will prepare us for the future.

To address this challenge, Bluetree assembled a remote team of seven application analysts, four report writers, and a dedicated project manager to ensure the project ran smoothly and to serve as the point of contact for our partner’s leadership team. We hit the ground running by collaborating with their team to evaluate and triage application-specific Nova notes, complete application build, develop test scripts, gather and incorporate end-user feedback, and to ensure clear communication with the training team.

Bluetree’s knowledge across the entire Epic continuum allowed our team to provide next-level application and reporting support. Our Ambulatory team assisted with workflow design, helped with build and testing, and resolved issues in multiple areas, including referrals, ePrior authorizations, dermatology charging, allergy documentation, echocardiogram results, and dosage tables. The Inpatient team provided similar help with new order sets, paging setup, diet and supplement updates, and LDA flowsheets. They even implemented an NSQIP registry across three hospital locations.

On the reporting side of the house, we analyzed Reporting Workbench Nova notes, completed report and template development across multiple data models, and navigated complex SQL code. All from a remote setting.

Our Blueleaves are more than just upgrade support. We’re able to build rapport and establish the trust needed to help in nearly all upgrade-related areas.

Bluetree cultivated quality, trust, and long-term success by ensuring we were constantly and sufficiently sharing our knowledge with their teams. In the six months leading up to and immediately following their upgrade, our application team resolved 1,400+ tickets and our Reporting team reviewed and/or remediated 3,900+ Reporting Workbench Reports, 1,100+ Crystal Reports, and 224 Radar Dashboards.

Our partner’s upgrade was a resounding success, with minimal disruption to their daily operations and patient care. Their reporting backlog has steadily remained 85% below the level it was when we became engaged with them more than one year ago. Our partner also re-engaged Bluetree for their spring of 2017 upgrade and provided expertise on clinical applications and supported their revenue cycle team.

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a world-class academic health care system
  • resolved 1,400+ application tickets

  • implemented an NSQIP registry across 3 hospitals

  • reviewed and/or remediated 3,900+ Reporting Workbench Reports, 1,100+ Crystal Reports, and 224 Radar Dashboards

  • collaborated on new workflow for viewing discrete echocardiogram result components

  • implemented new charging methods for clinic dermatology procedures

  • resolved referral issues, troubleshooted results routing errors

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