building advanced analytics from the ground up

An integrated healthcare delivery system in the Pacific Northwest

How can we support our growing need for accessible advanced analytics?

Becoming the first live, Epic-hosted client is an accomplishment in and of itself. Building the infrastructure required to handle the influx of data is another. And harnessing that data and creating next-level analytics programs just two years after going live is what helps you separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

One of our partner’s desire to advance its analytics program hasn’t gone unnoticed. They implemented Caboodle and went live in December of 2015 and had Bluetree there from the start to evaluate and demonstrate the platform’s capabilities. After four months, they decided to supplement Clarity and Caboodle with a custom data warehouse outside of the hosted environment to further advance their ability to report on innovative healthcare metrics.

We now have the necessary tools and have answered the bell to most of our organization’s data needs, but how can we accelerate and integrate financial and healthcare data for fully costed procedures and clinical productivity?

Our partner’s decision to go with a customized data warehouse meant they needed to create a new Business Intelligence team. The team lives within the finance department and would initially focus on high priority descriptive analytics, specifically data visualization and integration of Epic, cost accounting, HR, and survey data. 

Bluetree’s specialization in healthcare data modeling, knowledge of industry standards and best practices, and expertise in building sustainable development capabilities meant we were immediately integral to the new BI team. The sheer scope of the project also meant our knack for collaborating across internal and external stakeholders was on full display.

Once the foundation was set and we began extending the data warehouse, Bluetree first tackled clinical productivity. By conducting analysis on patient panels, Bluetree’s two analytics specialists collaborated with our partner’s team to create patient access dashboards that provided high-level and drill-down detail of provider and clinic productivity for primary care and specialty departments.

Once the team fully propped up clinical productivity reporting, our partner’s leadership tasked Bluetree with integrating loss and general ledger data with Epic healthcare data. Bluetree made custom dashboards to report out on how much it costs to provide specific services.

Instead of reporting out on departmental costs like most of the rest of the industry, Bluetree helped them report on cost at the procedure level. Instead of determining the financial health of the cardiac department, for example, Bluetree helped them determine margins down to specific procedures, such as knee replacements. They accomplished this by allocating direct and indirect organizational expense data to the net revenue transaction level.

Bluetree’s help with laying this foundation for more advanced analytics enabled their homegrown team to become more engaged with their jobs. Instead of simply working with data, they understand the data and are confident in the data’s integrity. 

Our partner's BI team’s immediate success has helped them develop a reputation within their organization that they can deliver on the most complex projects. It’s also resulted in their outreach to other departments for data needs beyond the finance department, such as Managed Care, Quality Assurance, and Clinical leadership.

Bluetree provided the knowledge and ongoing advisory and technical support to build a thriving BI and Predictive Analytics solution throughout our partner’s organization. Due to the foundation we’ve laid there for the last two years, we’ve created a lasting relationship that will continue to evolve as they pave the way for next-level analytics.

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An integrated healthcare delivery system in the Pacific Northwest
  • calculated fully costed procedures through integrating accounting and billing data and allocating expenses to revenue transactions

  • conducted primary care provider patient panel analysis

  • created patient access dashboards for high-level and drill-down metrics on provider/clinical productivity

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