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Scaling talent acquisition processes

A West Coast, faith-based academic institution

How can I save $4.6M in turnover costs, improve organizations’ ROI, and create a robust Epic talent process?

It’s 2018, which means most Epic organizations are in a perpetual state of optimizing their EHR. This shift has accelerated the need for organizations to retain top talent as they simultaneously try to reduce the consultant footprints that are synonymous with large implementation projects.

Live on Epic for close to five years and possessing similar goals, a Level 1 trauma center and academic hospital tapped Bluetree for a resource with a proven track record. Their end goal was simple: they wanted to apply science to their talent processes, save money on turnover, and develop a more versatile employee base.

To get there, they needed to:

  • Establish KPIs and other onboarding efficiency measures that are easily scalable to multiple departments
  • Better understand and formalize hiring processes that stretched across Operations and IT
  • Maximize a robust interview and assessment strategy for all organization position postings (ranging from analyst roles, training, leadership, or even consultant roles.
  • Create more apparent career paths and place a greater emphasis on promotional opportunities for employees
  • Beginning in mid-2016, our partner’s leadership team and a Bluetree Talent Solutions specialist put their heads together to get the results they needed.

A critical first step was thoroughly understanding existing IT and Operations processes, including those specific to niche areas like the BI/Analytics, revenue cycle, and clinical departments. This allowed Bluetree’s Talent Solutions specialist to quickly identify key stakeholders and gain insight on future staffing needs.

Once the assessment stage was complete, Bluetree’s Talent Solutions specialist got to work on managing all aspects of hiring and onboarding for roles starting in June 2016. He also produced a streamlined and consistent candidate experience, created methods for measuring onboarding efficiency, and lifted new career paths required for today’s healthcare IT climate off the ground.

Candidate experience revamp

Bluetree’s Talent Solutions Specialist set the stage for future retention results by standardizing contact touchpoints in the interview process, sourcing and marketing talent in more innovative ways (such as partnering with the University and Master’s program to deploy an internship program or maximizing a passive applicant hiring campaign), streamlining various processes for posting jobs, writing job descriptions, and coordinating subject matter expert involvement. This heavy lift both allowed our client’s leadership to focus on more of the transformational initiatives on their plate and gave them the consistency needed for long-term results.

Career path establishment

Bluetree’s Talent Solutions specialist created more dynamic and sustainable career paths for various employee types. He was responsible for the creation of positions such as the EHR Application Specialist I, II, and III roles. He also developed several other new positions throughout IS, such as an Environment Manager, a Testing Coordinator, and a Visualization Developer. He even helped distinguish responsibilities between a newly created Senior Principal Trainer and the organization’s traditional Principal Trainer position. It allowed him to flex his deep Epic knowledge and even integrate Epic Sphinx testing into his day-to-day work.

Baseline metric creation

Bluetree created KPIs and efficiency measures for every deliverable associated with the project, from Individual Development Plan (IDP) completion rates, turnover percentages by division, TLP success, and succession planning. We even mentored their team to ensure process compliance for these reports as they evolve and become more complex.


Our partner’s persistence on doing the upfront work, laying out established processes, and testing various hiring processes helped them save an estimated $4.6 million in turnover costs in 2017. They lowered their IS department turnover rate from 9.2% in 2016 to 4.3% in 2017, and lowered their Application Services department turnover from 22% in 2016 to 6.2% in 2017.

In 2017, there were a total of four months in which there was zero IS department turnover. In 2016, there were no such months.

The combination of process improvement, razor-sharp focus on the candidate experience and relationships, and the creation of baseline KPI metrics brought numerous, tangible successes to our partner within a short, 1.5-year timespan. As they continue to recognize these successes, they continue to look to Bluetree to drive results from a Talent perspective, even utilizing our resource’s “tricks of the trades” to lead the acquisition of Executive Leadership roles. Healthcare IT talent acquisition is both a science and an art, and Bluetree’s proven processes can be utilized as a scalable model for any organization.

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A West Coast, faith-based academic institution
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  • Experienced four months in 2017 in which there was no turnover in the IS department

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  • Saved an estimated $4.6M in turnover costs in 2017

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