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Cottage Health

How do we plan a Connect program during an enterprise go-live?

You’ve heard time and time again about the benefits of extending your EHR. From managing community health to enhancing physician relationships, implementing a Connect strategy seems like the right fit both operationally and financially. The long-term benefits it can bring to the community simply seem too good to pass up.

An enterprise go-live and a Connect strategy are equally important. But how do we know the human and capital resources each require?

What about timing? Can my organization make this a priority? There’s a lot of liability and responsibility when you become an application vendor, right?

Luckily, Cottage Health, a not-for-profit healthcare provider on the West Coast, started asking these questions early. What they didn’t anticipate was the amount of focus required by their entire organization—not just IT—while undergoing a massive EHR implementation. Kicking off an ambitious plan to roll out Connect during an Enterprise go-live, Cottage reached out to Bluetree’s Solutions team in early 2016.

Can we get someone working behind the scenes on Connect so we can focus on getting this robust EHR functioning, stabilized, and optimized?

Cottage needed an Executive Leadership consultant that could help move their Connect program forward and not be a distraction. Listening to their wishes, Bluetree dispatched a specialist in a behind-the-scenes fashion to guide the overarching process, provide immediate deliverables, and assess long-term strategy.

Bluetree worked independently developing contracts, terms & conditions, and addendums to begin to test the waters with other physician groups. We understood that if our partner focused too much attention toward these initiatives that they might leave overall Connect program implementation, governance, and support structure undefined.

Cottage was smack dab in the middle of integrated testing, training, and high-priority go-live initiatives when Bluetree passed Connect contracts and terms &  conditions to their legal team. Bluetree focused on the Connect program development with operational leaders while Cottage's Epic IT team concentrated on the fast-approaching enterprise go-live.

Bluetree provided tools to ensure our partner was ready when Connect-specific resources became available. We drafted letters of intent, marketing collateral, project plans, communication matrices, governance structure, change request and approval workflows, operational readiness assessments, and go-live planning & optimization tools.

Cottage has added Connect-specific accountability measures to their strategic goals to ensure progress can be easily tracked throughout the organization. With a target to identify and commit Connect clients beginning in fall 2017, they are now poised for success with tools to assist everything from contracting and marketing, to implementation and optimization.

Demonstrating our ability to listen and flex based on our customer’s needs, Bluetree helped our partner go from an organization unaware of the full impacts of an ambitious Connect rollout to one that is sufficiently prepared for its full program go-live later in 2017.

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Cottage Health
  • assisted in the drafting of contracts and terms & conditions

  • helped evaluate cost models for completeness

  • worked to assure program offerings aligned with organizational and ongoing support models

  • worked directly with third-party vendors

  • developed tools and overall program milestones

  • independently completed 75% program development while allowing our partner to focus on enterprise implementation

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