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tackling the technical heavy lift on a deadline

a small, Chicago-based medical center

We have to go live in just 90 can I get the technical Epic infrastructure ready?

A 300-bed hospital and industry leader in spine and orthopedic practices, one of our Chicago-based partner’s mission to provide personalized attention to every patient needing healthcare is as devoted as we’ve seen.

Steadfast on keeping patient-centered care at the forefront, our partner began transitioning from a host organization’s instance of Epic to their own in mid-2017 and had to go live in just three months. Their homegrown team was as eager as any, but reverting to a unique instance of Epic requires a well-thought-out staffing plan, flexible technical resources, and change management expertise.

Looking to ensure a swift turnaround and understanding the importance of the technical components during a unique transition, our client looked to Bluetree’s Technical Solutions team to establish the technical strategy required for going live in an unusually short deadline.


Originally brought on in an advisory fashion, Bluetree began determining environment strategy, data structure strategy, and identifying complex applications in need of immediate support. As the planning, hardware, and acquisition work took shape, we discovered the potential gap in resources for the heavy lifting and worked to redefine our relationship and scope as timelines tightened.

As Bluetree Technical Solutions specialists were working behind the scenes to crank out the build of Citrix environments, Cache servers, and interfaces across multiple applications, Bluetree’s Director of Technical Solutions began preparing for an inevitable time crunch as 2018 approached.

With production hardware delivery being pushed to December 2017 and the host organization’s upgrade project stalling certain milestones, the mid-January go-live target forced Bluetree to buckle down and collaborate strategically with our client’s applications teams.

After receiving production hardware in early December, Bluetree’s Director of Technical Solutions hit the ground running by building up their production and reporting environments.

After establishing the framework, we moved on to quickly building the Data Courier interfaces so our client’s build teams could start migration to production the following week. Bluetree then worked with the Cogito team at Epic to build Clarity servers, configure the Business Object servers, and to stand up their Cogito environment.


With Bluetree’s help, our partner successfully went live in just three months without affecting patient care during a project that traditionally takes at least one year. Bluetree built seven Epic environments (including production) by augmenting the host organization’s data-wiped environment as the baseline to ensure timelines were met.

Bluetree also:

  • Helped deliver our client’s training environments and automated their daily and weekly refreshes within two weeks of go-live
  • Built out Citrix infrastructure and went on-site to help resolve access issues for go-live
  • Built non-production and production Clarity and Business Objects environments
Adapting to their needs and bringing in the right people at the right time, Bluetree’s Technical Solutions team weaved together the hands-on execution and strategic oversight to help our client stand up their Epic technical environments amid a non-traditional implementation that was critical to the organization’s future success.

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a small, Chicago-based medical center
  • Built out training environments that featured daily and weekly refreshes within two weeks of go-live

  • Built 14 interfaces

  • Helped bring an entire Epic implementation live, including seven environments, Clarity & Business Objects, and an entire Citrix deployment for a 300-bed hospital in just 90 days

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