to repair or replace?

How do we make our training environments align with our Epic learning objectives?

Outdated doesn’t always mean that you need to push the brakes, turn around, and start from scratch. But how do you know if you can use what you already have? Can you leverage what you currently have in place, or is there a compelling reason to start fresh?

When these questions arose for Cambridge Health Alliance—a vibrant, innovative health system dedicated to providing essential services to all members of their community—they decided to take action and approached Bluetree Network in May 2014.

With 140,000 patients, CHA is a local provider of choice for primary care, specialty care, emergency services, hospital care, maternity care, and behavioral health. In 2014, they knew the end-user experience in their training environments wasn’t ideal. But what next? A complete rebuild? Who can pull off a complete rebuild when countless other projects are under way? What if it’s been years since your team has been able to attend the necessary training sessions for environment build, maintenance tools, and strategy? 

We need to make some significant changes, but how do we know whether or not we need a complete overhaul?

CHA’s initial plan was to go through with a complete rebuild of their training environments. Ambitious? Yes. But when this request is coupled with strict timelines and budget restraints, the pressure for them to find a cost-effective and efficient solution heightened considerably. That’s when Bluetree’s accomplished team of training strategists stepped in and listened.

We need some immediate help and would also like to ensure we’re prepared for future upgrades and rebuilds.

After an initial assessment, we learned that CHA’s overall training environments and a majority of the build weren’t broken – a small number of individual patients and efficiency processes were. Rather than forcing a costly rebuild, our team analyzed individual patient scenarios and designed a more efficient approach to issue resolution by tailoring environment fixes to those scenarios.

We also partnered with CHA to ensure their training environment processes and cookbooks were updated for future rebuild events. Tapping the power of our network, we built a cost-effective, remote team of part-time training environment mentors. We offered customized mentoring sessions on a variety of training environment topics and specific tools (e.g., patient duplication, automated scheduling) to their future training environment guru.

Applying individual build fixes, as opposed to an entire rebuild, saved approximately four weeks of effort for every application trainer. Additionally, our partner now has a strong training environment guru to support the team as they troubleshoot issues or rebuild for upgrades.

Not only did Bluetree foster independence through mentorship and thinking outside the box, but we did so for a fraction of the cost while maintaining our standard of excellence.

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  • saved 540 hours of training environment rebuild time

  • developed a strong internal training environments guru

  • fostered independence through thinking outside the box

  • tailored environment fixes after analyzing individual patient scenarios

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