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a public, non-profit teaching hospital in the Midwest

How do we use e-learning to most effectively align our staff?

An upgrade is in sight. Now you must ask yourself and your training team whether it makes more sense to apply the upgrade to your MST or rebuild it. You know either choice will result in additional training time. But you also know that the impending upgrade presents an opportunity to rethink how training is delivered.

Knowing that a transition to e-learning would simultaneously cut costs and be easier for incoming staff, one of our partners, a 443-bed premier public teaching hospital recognized as a regional leader in advanced specialized healthcare, tapped Bluetree’s Training Strategy team in mid-2016 to see what creative solutions were available.

Not only did our partner want to reduce classroom training time, but they wanted to leverage the skills their training and analyst teams already had in a more efficient way.

Identifying areas for e-learning transition and truly understanding their team to realign them into ideal roles was paramount for our partner before they progressed too quickly. Bluetree also recognized that teaching MST build to a team inexperienced in this realm would be the most sustainable option.

In true Bluetree fashion, our training resources put a premium on building and capitalizing on our partner’s existing strengths so they could grow organically after our involvement ended.

First, we developed an e-learning transition process and led efforts for pilot departments so they were equipped for any challenge in the future. In short, Bluetree tuned into their culture, recognized their learning preferences, and conducted a content analysis in the early goings before deeming certain areas worthy of transition.

We also jumped on the MST build, as they were nearing this particular phase of the upgrade when we began the project. They needed a flexible partner who could help them grow. Bluetree brought them tailored education sessions on MST build, tasks, tools, and timelines entirely from a remote setting in an ad hoc capacity. We also customized an MST build project plan and produced decision documents to ensure they were having the right conversations at the right time.

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Our client recognized that some applications needed a little more help. Rather than staff multiple, full-time consultants on site for support, Bluetree identified several training environment build experts to work as needed in a remote setting with our partner’s Principal Trainers. Providing flexible support saved money and aligned with their goal of building long-term self-sufficiency.

Demonstrating our adeptness at finding creative training solutions in a pinch, Bluetree streamlined our partner’s upgrade process by developing tools and education to foster independence for their project team and end-user staff.

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a public, non-profit teaching hospital in the Midwest
integrated expertise
Training Strategy Team Development Remote Solutions
  • developed process and management tools to apply for subsequent e-learning creation

  • successfully rebuilt MST on time and for $15k less than originally anticipated

  • produced educational materials for PT onboarding

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