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a large and experienced network of primary and specialty care physicians in the SE United States

How do we ensure we have accurate data for PQRS/Meaningful Use measures?

You realize your PQRS measures are lower than you would like and might be putting your reimbursement levels at risk.

Weeks go by as you focus on optimizing your Ambulatory implementation and then it suddenly hits you. You only have four weeks to submit six PQRS measures, and you’re fully aware that you’ve had issues getting accurate data in the past. Not to mention the complexity of getting the necessary data out of disparate EHR systems.

This is a critical project, but we simply don’t have the bandwidth to follow through with this because of our implementation.

On a tight deadline and needing technical expertise, a large and experienced network of primary and specialty care physicians in the SE United States reached out to Bluetree’s Solutions team to address their PQRS needs amid an ongoing engagement.

Bluetree was already working with this organization on a data integration project whose goal was to integrate legacy EHR clinical data into Epic’s Caboodle data warehouse for comprehensive quality measure reporting. They took notice of our skillset and delivery in the ongoing Ambulatory project and reached out with another critical and time-sensitive need.

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Our partner was in a unique spot because they needed to report on PQRS inpatient measures for their outpatient providers that additionally provide care in an Epic Inpatient-powered hospital. To report on these measures accurately, they needed to combine Ambulatory EHR billing and patient demographic data with Epic Inpatient clinical data. But it didn’t end with data extraction. Our partner then needed to massage and standardize the new data into the proper format so it could be absorbed/accepted by Premier, their third-party PQRS registry vendor.

Working on a tight deadline with a truly unique reporting issue, Bluetree flexed to quickly ease our partner’s interoperability issues amid a critical time.

Understanding the CMS-driven measure definitions meant the clinical workflows that generated the data in either system were critical. The ability to quickly parse the data and convert it into the required third-party vendor format was equally vital. To address this challenge, Bluetree set up a bridging database between the two systems to ensure practice, provider, and patient data integrity.

Ultimately, Bluetree’s analytics specialists created custom SQL queries to pull the data per CMS measure specifications and utilized the defined CPT and ICD codes to capture the cohort. We then worked with our partner’s Inpatient analysts to identify the workflows that generated the necessary data points to score the numerator for each measure. Bluetree created detailed patient files required for validation and provided the final files in the format needed by Premier.

Demonstrating short-term relief in a critical timeframe, Bluetree’s creative reporting capabilities demonstrated immediate results with our partner’s PQRS needs.

Bluetree provided 24-hour support, identified previously undocumented workflows, and maintained constant contact with our partner’s third-party vendor to maintain transparency surrounding progress and project timelines. 

With Bluetree’s help, our partner submitted four Epic PQRS measures for the first time, all within a very short timeframe. Due to this project’s success and quick turnaround, they have elected to be a long-term partner and tap Bluetree for all PQRS reporting needs in the future.

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a large and experienced network of primary and specialty care physicians in the SE United States
integrated expertise
  • helped partner submit 4 separate PQRS measures for the first time

  • produced a unique bridging database to ease interoperability between disparate systems

  • worked directly with a third-party vendor

  • created custom SQL queries to pull data per CMS measure specifications

  • provided 24-hour support

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