streamlining training communication

a large pediatric provider serving the Midwest region

How can we streamline end-user communication beyond the classroom?

One of the largest and most respected children’s hospitals in the nation, our partner provides pediatric care in a setting that offers the latest benefits and innovations in medical technology, research, and family-friendly design.

Knowing that their award-winning care could be elevated if minor adjustments were made to their post-live training program, this US News and World Report Honor Roll recipient tapped Bluetree in mid-2016 with some quick asks.

Our partner knew they had the necessary expertise to streamline their training communication processes, but noticed the need for a helping hand in centralizing and standardizing the way they shared training and system-related updates with their end users. In short, how could they reduce the reliance on our Help Desk and training team, while teaching end users how to fish for the information they desire? 

Epic’s Learning Home Dashboard (LHD) tool was the immediate optimization target for Bluetree’s training specialists. Our partner had no shortage of excellent content, but disparate storage locations, non-standardized templates, and excessive reliance on their Help Desk to pinpoint document locations left this usually high-performing team struggling as the amount of content grew over time.

We have the right content and our trainers feel comfortable with what they’re armed with, but we recognize that fully utilizing a tool that we already have is our next step toward a self-sustaining future.

Bluetree’s specialists knew company-wide adoption of LHDs would reverse a culture dependent on its Help Desk to one more capable of staying organized and up-to-date. It would also eliminate the rampant double-documentation and redundant workflows that left end users—and even the trainers themselves—constantly wondering if their commonly referenced documents were even current.

Flexing our mentorship muscles, our Blueleaves sat side-by-side with our partner’s project lead to dive deep on LHD build and maintenance for a pilot audience. Our partner’s nursing department was chomping at the bit. Bluetree’s focus on this specific group during the pilot phase allowed us to make a quick, noticeable impact that turned out to be manageable for all involved.

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From the start, Bluetree’s training specialist recognized the proficiency in our partner’s project lead and served as the validation point person as their team quickly learned the ropes. 

We set out to accomplish two things:

  1. Create repeatable workflows using the LHD tool to better inform the team when documentation updates occurred
  2. Tighten up standard documentation templates

A focus on these two areas ensured our partner’s trainers would always be on the same page, would eliminate the need for them to search multiple databases for specific info, and would allow them to delineate between the many types of documentation regularly created.

But ending there would fail to address the issue of sustainability. What good is an optimized LHD without the proper education to maintain it?

After teaching the project lead how to build and maintain the pilot group’s LHD, Bluetree’s specialists worked with the client’s stakeholders to gain consensus and approval, and to communicate the process to the rest of the team members for execution. Bluetree developed an hour-long boot camp for the entire training team that highlighted the importance of folder organization, concise documentation, and long-lasting document library structures.

Bluetree successfully reversed a culture previously rooted in repetitive document creation and maintenance, to one in which self-sustaining processes became the law of the land due to our partner’s willingness to embrace a comprehensive LHD approach across applications and roles. Better yet, our partner’s trainers are currently using their LHDs to distribute documentation related to their impending 2017 upgrade to all end-user audiences.

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a large pediatric provider serving the Midwest region
integrated expertise
Training Strategy
  • developed project plan and build for Learning Home Dashboard (LHD) creation and rollout

  • helped foster a culture that prioritized reducing end user reliance on training and Help Desk staff for basic education queries

  • developed boot camp sessions on creating and maintaining LHDs

  • equipped team to utilize LHDs for future Upgrade documentation distribution

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