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    engage patients
    and reduce
    provider burnout

    Seamless workflows and reduced variability = happier physicians. And happier physicians are synonymous with healthier, more involved patients.

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    make data
    a competitive

    Unleash the power that’s already there. It’s 2018. We know you have a lot of data. But possessing data and using data are wildly different.

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    We’ll help you use Epic to reduce operating costs, capture more revenue, and make enterprise growth a reality.

engage patients and reduce provider burnout

Let’s face it. We’re all here to foster a healthier, happier population. For that to happen, physicians need to be in flexible, stable, and efficient environments. We can make those pesky, integrated workflows that weave in and out of every corner of your organization scalable so they resemble a well-oiled machine.


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Standardize documentation practices and streamline integrated workflows

Sometimes IT workflows won’t make sense to Operations. And vice versa. Too often, we’ve found that healthcare leaders are working for the EHR system, rather than having the EHR system work for them. 

What’s the first step in turning that idea upside down? Having workflows that not only work for everyone, but make sense to everyone. We have IT experts with multi-clinical application expertise. We have clinicians with more than 20 years of Epic experience. And guess what? They work together in the most collaborative way possible when delivering solutions to organizations like yours.

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Less training time, more patient time

Upgrades are often a reality check for organizations, especially when it comes to training. One of our partners in the Midwest had been using the original training materials from their initial go live that took place seven years prior. They wanted to capitalize on new delivery methods and maximize the available time for staff education. 

With an all-too-important upgrade looming, our training specialists helped our partner realize a 30 percent reduction in classroom training time by focusing on topic realignment, schedule analysis and redesign, and the incorporation of e-learning. After the upgrade, staff was able to spend more time with patients and less time in the classroom, and they’ve seen similar improvements every year since.

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Analyze and improve PEP (provider efficiency) scores

After go live, all you’re going to want to do is let out a big sigh of relief. But continuously tweaking workflows and maintaining consistent data entry methods is key in helping your physicians work smarter, not harder. Optimization is not a one-time effort.

We have the operational expertise to spot excessive variation in your workflows to ensure your system build is consistent and properly positioned for optimal performance. The end result? Decreased patient readmission rates and a population that actually cares about their health.

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Rapidly submit PQRS/Meaningful Use measures with simplified data workflows

Nothing enables quick turnaround times on quality reporting projects more than having standardized and simplified data workflows. When you have Bluetree’s analytics specialists on hand to knock out those high-priority reporting needs, fire drills suddenly become a thing of the past and everyone from your IT staff to your physicians actually trusts their data. 

In early 2017, Bluetree quickly created unique bridging databases that incorporated legacy data into Epic to help our partner submit six PQRS measures for the first time. And we did it in just four weeks.

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Turn your upgrades into true system boosts through standardized processes

Upgrades are no longer routine, required checkpoints. They might have been five years ago. Now? They need to be recognized—and executed on—as they were intended: true opportunities to enhance your system. 

That’s just what our Remote Solutions team has done for a world-class academic healthcare system for their last two upgrades. In 2016, our application team resolved 1,400+ tickets and our Reporting team reviewed and/or remediated 3,900+ Reporting Workbench Reports, 1,100+ Crystal Reports, and 224 Radar Dashboards. All from a remote setting.

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