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    engage patients
    and reduce
    provider burnout

    Seamless workflows and reduced variability = happier physicians. And happier physicians are synonymous with healthier, more involved patients.

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    make data
    a competitive

    Unleash the power that’s already there. It’s 2018. We know you have a lot of data. But possessing data and using data are wildly different.

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    We’ll help you use Epic to reduce operating costs, capture more revenue, and make enterprise growth a reality.

make data a competitive advantage

Your leaders need integrated data to assess the true cost of care, your front line staff needs to know where to focus their efforts to prevent readmissions and improve patient outcomes, and your clinics need data to achieve optimal schedule utilization. None of them will be getting what they need without smart, sustainable analytics programs. We’ll free up your analytics gurus so they can spend more time on transformational initiatives. They can’t be on the report request hamster wheel forever.


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Reduce report development time by 50%

Our end goal is helping your report development teams become more aware of the complex, overlapping workflows in your system so you can create reporting tools that answer multiple questions and satisfy multiple requests in one go. Because less back-and-forth time with data consumers means more time for your analytics gurus to work down the queue and focus on the stuff that creates the most value. 

By mentoring your team on data marts, registries, and piloting data governance while defining data points in your documentation, your reporting team will go from just staying afloat to executing on the complex, pressing projects that you didn’t even realize you needed.

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Generate near real-time data for value-based and at-risk contracts

Rounding up all the data required for this to happen is our sweet spot. Not only does this info live in multiple places, but once you have it, defining the components and data points that make up such contracts can leave even your most seasoned analysts with their heads spinning. 

As you’re pressured to embrace value-based care, having experienced analytics specialists who know not only how to extract the necessary data, but make sense of it and assess risk as well, is going to give you a leg up. Your CFO will thank you later.

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Become a data-driven decision-making organization

Everyone dreams of a complete data governance structure. But finding a team that wants to own it is far from the easiest thing you have on your plate. 

Reversing this culture comes down to change management. Our operational, rev cycle, and clinical expertise enables us to seamlessly collaborate with you to show your team how to approach data governance. Our end goal? Leave you worrying less about managing it so you can actually spend your time maximizing it.

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Build a robust foundational layer centered around an enterprise data warehouse

You know your data is valuable to the overall success of your organization just as much as we do. But having a data warehouse platform isn’t enough. Bluetree’s analytics specialists can proactively sniff out your various future use cases so your data warehouse architecture doesn’t become prehistoric three months after it’s live.

Creating data marts to enable self-service analytics and producing machine-readable data sets are just a few ways we’ve empowered our clients’ data science teams to utilize the latest predictive analytics techniques. Now they’re busy predicting denials, assessing readmission risk, and designing OR scheduling strategy like it’s their day job. Oh, wait.

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Describe the past, predict the future, and make recommendations based on actionable data

Not all strategic decisions need to come down to your gut feeling that day. We know how to use data so you can make those previously difficult decisions into no-brainers. 

Whether it’s creating data models for historical trend analysis, to creating PeriOp, quality measure, and CEO dashboards, Bluetree will make your forward-thinking leaders spend less time mulling over complex decisions and more on operating at peak capacity with no doubts on their mind.

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