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  • engage2

    engage patients
    and reduce
    provider burnout

    Seamless workflows and reduced variability = happier physicians. And happier physicians are synonymous with healthier, more involved patients.

  • data

    make data
    a competitive

    Unleash the power that’s already there. It’s 2018. We know you have a lot of data. But possessing data and using data are wildly different.

  • money


    We’ll help you use Epic to reduce operating costs, capture more revenue, and make enterprise growth a reality.

make more money

From the quick wins our Revenue Cycle Specialists can deliver, to the expansive, five-year roadmaps our Executive Strategy team can help you navigate, we’ll have your system (and revenue) growing while you and your team are caring for your patients and tackling other initiatives.


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Reduce the cost of traditional consulting by 30-50%

We build teams for you. And manage them. And we can do it all from a remote setting. Our multi-application experts on our Managed Services team travel minimally, produce results, and don’t disappear when you’re tying up the loose ends as you wrap up your project. 

Our team helped prioritize day-to-day reporting requests for a client in need of affordable Epic remote support amidst a time of complex change and successfully decreased a ticket backlog that held issues over a year old. We’ve now become a go-to resource for them as they hire and grow new FTEs for the future.

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Accelerate Cash Collection & Improve Registration Quality

Circulating AR more rapidly through the cycle allows your team to maximize reimbursement, avoid untimely ­billing adjustments, and frees up time to work on other projects. Our combination of technical expertise and operational experience helped us take an organization’s AR days from 49 to 36 and their CFB days from 7.4 to 3.5. 

At another client, our rev cycle specialists helped optimize their Watch List, conducted an overhaul of Resolute PB curriculum, implemented an Accelerated NRP functionality task force, and optimized statement hold data to realize a $6.35M reduction in AR in just three months.

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Bring 57 departments live in 6 months

Creating a dynamic and agile growth program is what separates the top performers from the middle of the pack. In late 2015, UCHealth tapped Bluetree as a strategic partner to help them create an entirely new PMO team and to map out executive-level implementation tools. 

Our Executive Strategy and Support team’s prowess in large-scale strategy execution ultimately helped them bring 57 departments live in just 6 months while they expanded their presence through M&A, joint venture, and Community Connect.

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Save 540 hours on training environment rebuild time

When Cambridge Health Alliance engaged Bluetree for a complete training environment rebuild, we realized a few quick fixes could prevent an expensive and intense work effort. By asking the right questions early on, we were able to quickly get to the root cause and devise a cost-effective, sustainable solution.

Applying individual build fixes rather than starting from scratch, Bluetree saved four weeks of effort for each Cambridge application trainer and mentored their training environment guru to support their team for future upgrades.

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Confidently visualize and execute on your organization’s growth strategy

Tackling an ambitious plan to roll out Connect during an enterprise go-live, Cottage Health tapped our Executive Strategy and System Support team to bridge the gap between Operations and IT and guide the overarching process. 

We worked independently developing contracts, terms & conditions, and evaluated cost models so Cottage could quickly navigate the legal and operational complexity that extending your system brings.

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Improve margins on at-risk contracts

Our analytics experts know what data needs to be involved to turn your at-risk payor contracts into repeatable, scalable options for your system. 

Whether it’s putting a finger on the true cost of care by analyzing claims data for your patient population, recommending how to best work with your contract team, or building custom data structures, we’ll help you make sense of value-based healthcare and have you wondering why it wasn’t a staple in your ever-changing organization earlier on.

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